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Memorizing lines is hard. But it doesn't have to be...

Learn simple, science-backed techniques to help you memorize lines fast and make them stick, so you can get down to the real business of acting.

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Learn From a Jeopardy Champion!

I'm an actor and a 3-day champion on the game show Jeopardy. As an actor, I struggled with memorizing lines, but as a trivia enthusiast, I learned several simple, easy techniques to boost my memory. I created Off Book It so I could share my insights with you and help you memorize lines quickly and easily.

Hi, I'm Joyce!


5 Science-Backed Tips to Memorize Lines FAST and Make Them Stick!

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The Off Book It Course

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Let me teach you my innovative method in this in-depth, comprehensive memory training course, featuring step-by-step demonstrations using actual dramatic text!

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You Will Learn:

How to cut down HOURS of study time.

How to memorize lines DEEPLY so recitation becomes effortless.

How to optimally organize and break down a text.

How to use creative imagery to create mnemonic devices.

How to troubleshoot particularly difficult spots.

How to memorize your cues.

How to retain flexibility in acting choices while memorizing.

How to avoid getting locked into a "line reading."

How to synthesize acting work with memory work.

Applause for The Off Book It Course!

Watch the video below to hear how The Off Book It Course helped Nicole Ghastin free herself from the shackles of line memorization!

The Off Book It Course helped Camilla Susser cut her line memorization time IN HALF! Watch this video to hear her story.

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I used to find it very difficult to memorize scripts for auditions when given only 2-3 days to prepare. But after taking the course, I have a systematic approach that really helps me, and I’ve found that learning the lines is a lot faster now. I noticed that I didn’t even "freak out" when I had 3-5 separate scripts to learn. I’m calm because I have a reliable memorization system. Before the course, I looked at each set of sides as an ocean to sail across. Now I see the sides as a river that is easily forded. I can now go on tape fully off book with confidence in my ability to create the character.

- Samuel Whitehill